"I wish you wouldn’t put yourself on the line like this for me."
Name: Calypso Kira Kendall
Known Aliases: Stargazer
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Employee at the Tacocat
Species: Earthling Human
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Wheeler, ME, United States of America
Height: 5'3" Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

History: Callie has been dreaming of being an astronomer since she got her first telescope at the age of six. She was always at a bit of a disadvantage, growing up poor with divorced parents. Still, she spent night after night staring up at the stars, learning as much as she could, until her parents called her their “little Stargazer.” Callie was on-track to make it all the way, but an incident in high school involving a girl she was dating, a lost phone, and an act of petty jealousy nearly derailed her. Her girlfriend was quite literally ushered out of town in the dead of night by her parents. Her neighbors and church ostracized her family. And her mother nearly threw her out of the house. Callie’s remaining year of high school was spent lonely and friendless, save for McKenna. So when she got a scholarship to Silvermarsh University in Massachusetts, she never hesitated, and left home without returning for four years.

College treated Callie a little more kindly; she found more friends, dated a bit, and even began mending her relationship with her mother. When she finished her Bachelor’s degree, she was accepted into the graduate program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. However, moving halfway across the globe from Massachusetts would cost more than she had. With her friends moving on with their own lives, she was going to have to return home and save up. But how much of a home could it be, if it doesn’t accept you for who you are?

At the beginning of the story, Callie has been living at home for a month. She works at the local Tacocat and lives with her mother in Wheeler, Maine.

"I have no idea what you just said. Are ALL you anthropoids this incoherent?"
Name: S = 1/4 c3k/Gh A
Known Aliases: None
Age: 33 Core Harmonics (Roughly 16 earth years)
Occupation: Fugitive
Species: Clipser, Apogee Class
Gender: Not applicable, but identifies as female
Place of Birth: Event Horizon of Sagittarius A*
Containment Suit Height: 2'5" Containment Suit Weight: 25 lbs.
Containment Suit Optics: Blue Containment Suit Dorsal Tendrils: Blue

History: In the Milky Way Galaxy, you either HAVE resources, or you ARE resources. And Clipsers fall into the latter category. A Clipser is an intelligent graviton singularity entity that spawns in the event horizons of a black hole. Though they are living creatures, they are used throughout the galaxy as fuel for living bio-ships, that allows them to traverse the galaxy through means of folding space, called “eclipsing”. S = 1/4 c3k/Gh A was spawned from Sagittarius A* in the center of our galaxy and was harvested by the Blackstar Consortium. She was classified as an Apogee Class, though she has no idea what that even means.

She was raised in the Reformatory, a high level incarceration colony in the Sandrath System, home of the Hy’Dra. While the Reformatory was harsh on the prisoners, the Clipsers lived pretty easy lives in comparison. They had everything they wanted up until the point where they were bonded with their bio-ship. Right up until the rebellion…

S = 1/4 c3k/Gh A didn’t really understand what was happening as her elder guardian Clipser quickly shuffled her away to an emergency jump pod, and set course for the Mad Planet, the one place in the galaxy that even the Blackstar Consortium would think twice about visiting. The last thing S = 1/4 c3k/Gh A saw before the pod rocketed away was a Hy’Dra Antecenturion destroying her Guardian.

After the destruction of the Reformatory, S = 1/4 c3k/Gh A flew for a long time, until a small pale blue dot came into view…


"Of course I’m okay with it! I’m just saying, if I was any more open minded when it comes to you, my brain would fall out of my skull."
Name: Penelope McKenna Brewster
Known Aliases: None
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: Caretaker
Species: Earthling Human
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Boston, MA, United States of America
Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue Hair: Reddish Brown with purple streaks
History: Penelope was born and raised in a working-class neighborhood of Boston. That alone taught her to fight, and gave her a biting wit. But because she was always a larger girl, she learned to fight mean. While it was a tough situation, McKenna thrived up until the point when her parents divorced. Her mother took her out of the fast-paced life of Boston, and dropped her back in her hometown of Wheeler, where she grew disgusted at the staggering amount of closed-mindedness. It didn’t take long for the local rednecks to learn to leave her alone, and she was happy, if lonely, for a while.

During her Junior year, a video of two of her classmates, both girls, surfaced on the internet. As it spread around the town of Wheeler, she learned that it had been stolen off one of their phones by a boy named Chad. The two girls’ social lives were shattered, causing one of them to leave town abruptly, and leaving the other as the sole target of the worst antisocial behavior she’d ever seen. McKenna has a nonexistent tolerance for bullying, and when she witnesses it, logic goes out the window and she acts. Often impulsively. This led her to confront Chad while he was gloating about it, and after a brief battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, beat the living crap out of him.

Unfortunately, Chad was the son of the town Sheriff, and McKenna had thrown the first punch. She was sent to juvenile hall as a result of her behavior, but the bullied girl, named Callie, never forgot what she had done for her. When she got out, Callie became her closest friend and strongest ally.

After graduation, McKenna stayed in touch with Callie while she was away at college, and got certified as a home health aide. One of her first clients was Callie’s mother, Charlotte, and she took it upon herself to serve as mediator and relieve some of the tensions between the two.

McKenna goes by her middle name because she’s tired of jokes about her first name and its relation to a certain sitcom from the 80’s.

"Even if I had the best intentions, anything I do or say runs the risk of pushing her further away."
Name: Charlotte Jane Kendall
Known Aliases: None
Age: 42 years old
Occupation: Lighthouse Keeper (on disability)
Species: Earthling Human
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Wheeler, ME, United States of America
Height: 5'5" Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Green Hair: Red

History: Charlotte was discovered to have a tumor on her frontal lobe when she was a child. While it was caught and treated early, the trauma gave her a nasty case of PTSD. Anxiety and panic attacks plagued her for most of her life. While this presented an obstacle, she found an outlet in science fiction, and developed as much of a life as she could around it.

Charlotte married young and very quickly had her daughter, Callie. However, the marriage didn’t last, and she divorced her husband before Callie had graduated fourth grade. This triggered a worsening of her PTSD, and she went through a period where her disorders were poorly controlled. She tried her best to be a good mother to her daughter, but there was a period of time when Callie had to go live with her grandmother while the medications got sorted out. As a result, there were some things about Callie that Charlotte simply… missed.

When Callie’s orientation became widely known, Charlotte found out the same way as everyone else. Charlotte took the fact that she had to find out her daughter was queer from the internet as a personal offense, and confronted her. Callie felt her mother was turning on her, too. The following weeks of fights severely damaged the relationship, culminating in Callie leaving home for college and not returning for four years. Charlotte sunk into a deep depression at the time, and had to hire a caregiver again.

Over time, Charlotte’s condition became better controlled, and she realized she was wrong, and had done a horrible thing to her daughter. When Callie finally graduated, Charlotte opened her home, praying for a chance to make things right. She wants to be there for her daughter and be the kind of mother she should have always been, but she’s terrified that it’s too late.

Despite Charlotte’s introverted nature, she is a consummate prankster. She’s dating one of Callie’s former teachers, Ambrose, who identifies as bi. Her current service dog’s name is Remy.